ACT Building Control: gain FULL PI COVER
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As a contact of CHPK who will use the services of Approved Inspectors or be required to appoint them, we wish to inform you of the issues in the Approved Inspector market so you can plan ahead in case you experience any issues. We have an interest in this market as Act Building Control, our sister company, is a firm of licenced Approved Inspectors.

Fortunately for Act Building Control, we are one of the few who have been given new insurance policy, one of the few companies that have been successful.

CHPK and Act have been at the forefront of trying to resolve this issue and for the benefit of all the companies involved publicity has not been sought. However, as things have not been resolved and some firms are now being forced to cease operations and are notifying their clients it has been picked up by the press (

Download the attached briefing note that we have prepared which explains the current situation.

If you have any questions or are concerned your project may fall foul of this debacle, please contact us and we can help you through these difficult times.