Bidders called for £750m of Gatwick work

Gatwick Airport is looking for contractors to share up to £750m of construction and engineering work over the next five years.

The airport has published contract notices for two of the four construction frameworks that it is putting together. One is for low complexity work, typically to be used for projects costing between £100,000 and £1,500,000. The other is for medium complexity work, with individual project values in the range or £1m to £10m.

Details of further frameworks for high complexity works and for professional services will be published in due course.

Both the medium and the low complexity works frameworks and divided into three lot: building, civil engineering and M&E

The total value of building works to be procured over the five-year term is expected to be in the range of £160m to £240m through the medium complexity framework and between £40m to £60m through the low complexity framework.

Both civils work and M&E work is expected to be in the range of £120m to £180m for the medium complexity framework and between £30m and £45m for the low complexity one.

Up to six contractors will be chosen for each lot of each framework. The appointed framework holders will then be invited to tender for projects or groups of projects.

Interested contractors have just two weeks to act. The time limit for receipt of requests for documents or for accessing documents is 24th September 2015.