Cemex launches lightweight concrete
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Cemex has launched a new range of lightweight foamed concretes with a range of densities.

Porofoam 1500 filling a void for Getjar
Above: Porofoam 1500 filling a void for Getjar

Called Porofoam, the new concrete can be produced premixed with a density of as little as 300kg/m3. The lowest density concrete previously available on the market was 800kg/m3, Cemex says.

The Porofoam range is specifically designed for void fill, stabilisation and other lightweight applications. It can be designed with a density from 300 to 1800kg/m3 and compressive strengths up to 15N/mm2.  The mix is specifically designed for each project.

One of the first applications, on behalf of Getjar Ltd, involved the supply of Porofoam 1500 to a site in central London with limited access. The high consistence, free flowing properties of Porofoam made for easy placement with no compaction required.

Two other Porofoam contracts have also taken place: one in Hereford on behalf of Peter Duffy Ltd involving Porofoam 1000 where the product ‘exceeded the customers’ expectations’; and one in Ashton-under-Lyne in a tunnel infill.

In the latter Murphy Group needed a low density product suitable for mass void fill while undertaking a bridge replacement scheme. Working on behalf of Network Rail, Murphy bricked up two spans of the bridge to create a chamber underneath, which was to be filled through holes on the bridge deck. This enabled demolition of part of the bridge, without taking lengthy possessions of the railway line. For this project Cemex delivered around 2,000m3 of pre-mixed Porofoam over a two-week period.