More clients join Build UK
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Sport England, Lipton Rogers Developments and Quintain are the latest client organisations to join Build UK.

Build UK began life last year as a merger of the representative associations of the biggest and smallest contractors in the construction supply chain. By bringing in construction clients, it seeks to speak for the entire industry.

It has now signed up six client organisations in as many weeks, with Almacantar, Argent and Great Portland Estates being the first to join.

Sport England property director Charles Johnston said: “As a significant funder of contraction projects, it’s vital that we have certainty from our contractors. That’s why we’re engaging with the industry through Build UK. We want to build relationships so that we can get the very best outcomes for people when they play and enjoy sport.”

Peter Rogers, co-founder of Lipton Rogers Developments, said: “Build UK’s enthusiasm and drive to change the industry is infectious and I believe that they are the organisation with the ability to generate real and necessary change in the industry.”

Quintain construction director Matt Voyce said: “Working with Build UK will provide us with valuable insight into construction markets and also allow us to lead by example in continuing to improve practices.”

Build UK chief executive Suzannah Nichol said: “Build UK broke new ground when we brought the contracting supply chain together; today we are changing the face of the industry by bringing clients, main contractors and specialist contractors around the table for the first time as we continue to pioneer change.”