Office & Commercial

“We have been completely happy with the service provided and would happily use Act again, in fact, we may well be in touch some time soon!”

– Residential Homeowner, Mr Tomlinson

Act Surveyors provide services for all types of commercial use including offices, shops, banks, public houses, night clubs, photographic & film studios, vehicle garages, art galleries, etc. These projects have been carried out all over England and Wales with development costs in the range of £50k to £50 million.

We have provided Approved Inspector services, CDM Regulations Advice and Party Wall Surveyors on numerous new build office developments, office alteration and refurbishment projects, as well as for new and existing shops and many other commercial uses of various sizes.

Our Fire Consultancy and Fire Risk Assessment services have been used for a number of different commercial projects to aid the design and risk evaluation process. This includes advising on the fire strategy for a multi storey shopping centre with phased evacuation, single stair office compliance, excessive travel distance allowance, relaxations with sprinklers, smoke venting or fire alarm use.

Our extensive experience in office developments and alterations is beneficial for our clients in many ways:

  • Speed of Our Responses – this includes giving the initial notice, checking plans, and providing detailed comments to ensure that fast track projects can get underway and progress with a reduced risk of expensive non-compliance matters being found at a later date. As most issues arise with fire safety compliance our thorough checking procedure and Fire Authority consultation procedures ensures that any designs are made compliant at the earliest opportunity.
  • Provide Added Value – by us passing on our previous experience to clients and/or their agents in terms of new design concepts, innovative regulations compliance solutions, fire safety planning, technical advice, etc.  Added value can also be provided by the provision of informative advice on other legislation that may be applicable such as the regulatory reform order, health and safety, disabled access, environmental health requirements, etc
  • Health & Safety – effectively co-ordinating health and safety with office projects, as many adjacent buildings/occupants can be affected by the works.  Projects are often carried out in multi storey buildings where many floors remain occupied whilst work to other floors is in progress, and this requires particular attention.  Our experience in this sector is extensive and varied.

Our clients continue to use us for these types of projects because we can provide a fast pro-active service and understand the commercial issues that the clients and the agents must deal with. Subject to resources being available we will accept any size and complexity of project in any location.

If you require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us here or call us on 01452 310880