Prospects improve for architecture and building graduates

Recovery in the construction industry has brought with it much improved prospects for young graduates with architecture and building related degrees.

Last year’s architecture and building graduates enjoyed higher than average employment rates with 85.1% in work six months after leaving university. The overall rate for all graduates was 76.6%.

Only 5.3% of 2014 architecture and building graduates remained unemployed after six months, compared to 6.3% of all new graduates.

In 2010, 68% of architecture and building graduates were in work and 10.9% were unemployed six months after graduating.

The data comes from Prospects’ annual What do graduates do?research, published in partnership with the Association of Graduate Careers Advisory Services (AGCAS), which reveals the destinations of 267,735 full- and part-time first degree graduates in January 2015 – six months after they had left university. Of these, 5,830 had studied architecture and building.

Architecture and building graduates were most likely to go into professional-level work directly related to their degree, with 44.7% working as engineers, architects or surveyors, and 21.4% as architecture or town planning technicians.

The gender divide in building related degrees was least notable in architectural-related subjects where nearly 40% of all graduates were women.