Report sets out plan for more accessible buildings
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The Department of Work & Pensions (DWP) has published a report setting out steps to ensure widespread introduction of training in how to design buildings that are accessible to all.

The publication, ‘Built environment professional education project: report of progress’ also outlines the role the Construction Industry Council (CIC) will play in taking the project forward.

The report by DWP’s Office for Disability Issues outlines progress two years on from the project’s inception as part of the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic legacy and the next steps in passing the baton from government to industry CIC.  The next steps are to embed inclusive design into education and training for built environment professionals at all levels.

The vision includes an aspiration that every newly qualified built-environment professional will have the skills and knowledge to deliver accessible and inclusive buildings, places and spaces; and that professionals will integrate the principles into all projects.

CIC, as the umbrella body for the professional institutions, has been given the task of broadening the engagement of industry in the objectives and of raising awareness of the need to achieve an inclusive environment.

The idea is for professional institutions to implement inclusive design education and training commitments; and for the higher education sector to improve the approach of students and educators. Initiatives include support to the Royal Society of Arts to run the Inclusive Cities Student Design Award in 2016/17 and encouraging the development of additional educational resources.