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Act Building Control first obtained their Approved Inspector license in 2007. We provide a technical and professional statutory service to a variety of clients over a diverse range of building projects.

“Professional, knowledgeable, attentive and most importantly hugely respected throughout the industry. Our preferred choice for building control.”

James Kilmartin, Hawkfield Homes

Why use Act Building Control?

Act Building Control provide Approved Inspectors throughout the UK including Plan Checking and Site Inspections. Our services include detailed checking of building designs including structure, fire safety provisions, weather protection, sound insulation, heating and ventilation, drainage, energy efficiency, access, etc. and providing written comments and approvals.  We also provide risk based site inspection services so that we can be reasonably satisfied that the work complies with the Building Regulations at completion. The three essential parts of the building regulations process are Pre-Application AdvicePlan Checking and Site Inspections. As Corporate Approved Inspectors, Act Building Control provide the following key building control services:-

  • – Submission of Relevant Legal Notices to the Council
  • – Checking Designs for Compliance
  • – Providing Building Regulations Advice
  • – Consulting Fire Authorities & Sewerage Undertakers
  • – Providing Plan Approvals/Certificates
  • – Inspecting Building Works on Site Providing Final Approval/Certificates

The key benefits of our service include:-

  • – Competitive Fees – Call us to see how much you could save
  • – High Quality Services
  • – 24 Hour Approval System
  • – A Single Point of Contact
  • – Common Sense Solutions
  • – Consistency

All of our clients benefit from receiving the best technical regulations advice and this allows them to make informed decisions about compliance. It should be remembered that the requirements are prescriptive, but not the approved documents or other guidance, and it is up to the approved inspector to determine compliance. In determining compliance Act Building Control will always take into account all the relevant facts, specific project issues and technical information available before concluding what is reasonable in the circumstances.

Approved Inspectors Regulation

Approved Inspectors are private sector companies who have been approved by the government to provide building control services.  Approved Inspectors are governed by the Building Act and related regulations and government issued procedural guidance. As a result the general format of building control services is the same for Approved Inspectors and Local Authority Building Control. Approved Inspectors functions are primarily governed by the Building Act and the Approved Inspectors etc. Regulations. This legal framework was first developed in the 1984 Building Act, and the first Approved Inspector to be approved and registered was the NHBC in 1985. Since 1997 the Approved Inspectors etc. Regulations were further developed and additional approved inspectors have been registered.

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