Site Inspections

Site Inspections are an essential part of the Approved Inspector Service and must be made at key stages if we are to be satisfied that the works are compliant with the regulations on completion.

Act Building Control provide Approved Inspectors to conduct Plan Checking and Site Inspections in  in Bristol, Gloucester, Surrey and  throughout the UK.

During our site inspections we will inspect at the works carried out to ensure that the minimum requirements of the building regulations are being met.  If we find any works that are not compliant we will ensure that the client and/or their agents are notified of any work that requires alteration or further consideration. The regulations do not generally require us to inspect and comment on the quality of workmanship, however, if we have any concerns about this relevant to compliance with the regulations we will inform the client, the contractor or their agents.

We notify our clients and/or their agents of the key stage inspections we intend to make on all projects by the issue of an inspection plan at the plan checking stage or on commencement of site works, whichever is earlier. These key stage inspections will usually include at least one inspection of foundation excavations, ground level damp proof membrane/damp proof course preparation, above and below ground drainage, structural works in progress, mechanical and electrical services and at completion. Additional inspections will be made subject to our risk assessment for the project that takes into account the project complexity, site works programme, etc.

The site inspection plan should be used by the client and/or their agents to ensure we are notified in good time and carry out the key stage inspections unless we have agreed otherwise in advance.  If you do not have a site inspection plan and require one for your project please contact us and ask for one to be sent to you.

If you require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us here or call us on 01452 310880.