Act Building Control provide to conduct Plan Checking and Site Inspections in London, Leeds, Birmingham, Bristol, Gloucester, Surrey and throughout the UK.

Plan Checking is an essential part of the building regulations approval process and we provide this service for all of our clients when we provide Registered Building Control Approver services. The service can be tailored to suit our client’s particular requirements, and may include a staged plan check or enhanced checking service where necessary.

The Plan Checking services are carried out at the early stages of design development and often continue throughout the construction stages until completion in accordance with our internal quality assurance system. When building designs are fully developed by the designers they are submitted to us in paper or electronic format and checked in detail against the relevant requirements of the building regulations.

Plan checking is carried out by members of the technical building control team who will check the submitted design details for compliance with the regulations.

Where the building work is in a workplace we consult with the Local Fire Authority to obtain their comments or observations. A copy of the consultation response is sent to the client and/or their agents during this stage.

Following our plan check process a formal plan check letter will be issued as soon as possible, to provide the client with information required to comply with the Building Regulations. A plans certificate can only be provided where all the information show on the design plans complies with the Building Regulations and no further information is required to demonstrate compliance.

If you require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us here or call us on 01452 310880.