Code for Sustainable Homes

Introduced in 2007, The Code for Sustainable Homes is the Government’s main tool for improving the environmental specification of new homes. As demand for eco-friendly homes increase, builders need to demonstrate they can offer sustainable homes. A new home aiming to meet any given Code level must meet the requirements of the Code at the  time it was registered with a code assessor.

Act Building Control provide experienced and qualified code assessors who are able to measure the sustainability of a home. Points are awarded for achieving set standards in nine different aspects of development.

  • Ecology
  • Energy and CO2 Emissions
  • Health & Wellbeing
  • Pollution
  • Materials
  • Management
  • Surface Water Run-off
  • Water
  • Waste

Each category includes a number of environmental issues which have a potential impact on the environment. The issues are assessed against a performance target and awarded one or more points. Performance targets are more demanding than the minimum standard needed to satisfy Building Regulations or other legislation. They represent good or best practice, are technically feasible, and can be delivered by the building industry.

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