Flow Rate Testing

For Part F of the Building Regulations it has been a requirement for fixed mechanical ventilation systems in new dwellings to be tested on completion since 1st October 2010.

Act Building Control can provide air flow rate testing services for dwellings, including those constructed as new and those formed by change of use. Where the regulation applies, fixed ventilation services including extract ventilation to kitchens, utility rooms, bathrooms and WCs will need to be flow rate tested to confirm they achieve the required extract rate. Whole house ventilation systems will also require testing and this is normally carried out by the installers who will commission/balance the system at the same time.

The flow rate testing must be carried out in accordance with the procedure approved by the Secretary of State. Following flow rate testing the results must be given to the relevant building control body not less than five days after the final test is carried out.

The flow rate testing requirement was brought in as the need for mechanical ventilation within new dwellings has become ever more important. This is because dwellings have become more air tight in recent years and any failure in extract ventilation can lead to increased risk of condensation, dampness and mould growth. It has also been found that numerous installations issues include inadequate ventilation rates, excessive duct length and bends, use of flexible ducting, inadequate connection of ducts to termination points and sleeves through cavity walls, etc.

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